Warning, Alien Woman Alert!

“There’s an alien woman driving on the road!” I laughed out loud while driving to my friends, thinking about what people were thinking as they drove past me. Why would they think that? Let me tell you a story. God definitely has a sense of humor.
I had promised a friend I would pick her up and drive her to a job interview at 2:30pm on Tuesday because she didn’t have a car. I doubled checked with her that morning and agreed to pick her up by 2:00pm. She lives 10-15 minutes away. That meant I would need to leave no later than 1:50pm. Okay no problem.

I had talked with my daughter about coloring my hair. I was leaving for California to visit my other daughter in two days. We discussed our schedule and decided to color my hair around noon. Plenty of time I thought. Well noon ended up being about 12:45pm. I knew my daughter had to leave by 2:00pm to pick up my grandson at school. I asked my daughter if she still had enough time to color my hair. However, I failed to communicate that I needed to leave by 1:50pm. She assured me she had enough time.

She mixed up the color and began the process of coloring my hair two different colors. Most of you women know that requires placing foil in your hair to separate the colors. I periodically glanced at the clock, as she layered my head with foil. About 1:30pm it dawned on me that I have to let the color process a while. I had not taken that time into account. Horror began to creep over my skull.

I casually asked my daughter when she thought she would be done, not wanting to sound worried. ”It’s going to take a while longer.” “Oh, I said, I really need to leave by 1:50pm.” “What! You never told my you needed to leave by then! Mom I will be lucky to be done coloring your hair by 2:00pm.” I panicked. I didn’t want my friend to be late. I also didn’t want to drive around with foil in my hair!

I quickly grabbed my phone and began to pull up my contacts to search for other women who could drive my friend. I located the first one and frantically called her number. “Please, please pick up,” I thought to myself. No answer. I called the next gal. No answer. I called the third gal. No answer. I began to pray. “Oh, Lord please let one of them call me back and drive her.” I decided to call each of them again. I got the same response. No answer. So, I texted the most likely gal to take my place. She responded a few minutes later with “Sorry, I ‘m shopping with an elderly lady right now.” My heart sunk.

Now I was worried that I would be late. I didn’t want to make my friend late to her interview. My daughter finished my hair at 2:05pm. I rushed out the door, head full of foil, and jumped in my car. Can you picture it? I have foil sticking out everywhere on my head. I looked like an alien with silver antennae ready to blurt out, “take me to your leader.” I can’t imagine what the other drivers thought as I passed them by. I admit it, I drove a little fast at times. Not only to get my friend to her job interview on time, but hoping I might be just a blur to the other drivers and passengers. Getting caught at stoplights was a killer.

I got my friend to her interview at 2:30pm on the dot. Now I had to hurry home and rinse out my hair before my color was ruined and all my hair fell out. I drove as fast as I thought I could. Last thing I needed was to get pulled over by a cop looking like an alien. They might have sent me off to Area 51!

I say God has a sense of humor because my last blog was about not being a slave to my outward appearance. He was testing me to make sure I live what I write. Hope you had a good laugh! I know I did.

1 thought on “Warning, Alien Woman Alert!”

  1. This is hysterical! And timing is everything. I had my first appointment with our girl today and fell back over head over heels. What a doll!!!! BUT if I have had to run out at any point don’t know that I could’ve. Love love you Tammy and thank God for your blog.


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