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In The Valley

“If your instructions hadn’t sustained me with joy, I would have died in my misery. I will never forget your commandments, for by them you give me life.” Psalm 119:92,93 NLT

I love Psalm 119. I remember a time when reading my Bible was boring. I did it to check it off my list. Occasionally, I was enlightened, but most of the time I was fighting sleep. I knew in my head I should love and enjoy God’s word, but I didn’t. Then I discovered Psalm 119. It was all about God’s law, commandments, precepts, etc. The guy who wrote it obviously loved God’s word. I asked God to help me love the Bible like the psalmist. I began to memorize Psalm 119 with a dear friend. As I memorized that Psalm, I began to see all the benefits the psalmist claimed about God’s law. That was the beginning of my romance with God’s word.

Psalm 119:92,93 contains one benefit of loving and knowing God’s word. In the midst of the valley of our lives, God’s word can keep us from giving up completely. The psalmist had experienced some very trying times, yet it was God’s law that kept him going. He said he was saved by God’s word. He would never forget the word that saved him from despair.

I know there are countless times when I have been confused or discouraged about a situation and the Holy Spirit brings a verse to mind. He either brings up a verse I have memorized or he highlights a verse or two as I’m reading a passage. Then I repeat that verse or verses to myself over and over. I have learned that renewing my mind on his word can produce joy and hope in the midst of the valley.

I’m so thankful God answered my prayer. I love his word! It had been a life raft for my soul in those dark days when life doesn’t make sense. Do you need a life raft? Get into his word and hold on for dear life. Even if you aren’t in the valley right now, get into his word to store it up for the future.

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