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This is my first post of hopefully many. I hope and pray that you will be encouraged by reading any posts on this site. I believe that God has given me the spiritual gift of exhortation or encouragement or discipleship, whatever you want to call it.  I just have a deep passion to help people grow in their relationship with God. That is my motivation for this site. It is honestly a little scary to put my thoughts on a page for all to see, but I’m sensing this is a step God wants me to take.

I am trusting God that he is leading me into writing not only a blog, but children’s books and devotions and I am in the process of writing a non-fiction Christian living book. So I’ll let you know if that ever happens. I have put a Kid’s Place on this site also. I’m hoping to put devotions, craft ideas and activities for the kids, but I’m not there yet. So give me some  time.

What is the subject for today? The Gospel. Obviously most of us know the gospel message. We are all sinners separated from God and in need of a Savior. God sent his son to pay for our sins by dying on the cross. Jesus could pay for our sins because he led a sinless life. But he also defeated death for us by rising from the grave. It isn’t just because he died on the cross, but that he rose again. When we put our faith in that truth, then we are saved.

The gospel is so much more than that. The New Testament is full of truths about all the implications that are part of believing in the gospel. The gospel isn’t just something to believe in to gain eternal life. The gospel needs to be at the center of our life. I didn’t  understand that or live that way. I thought I was. If you had asked me if I was living in light of the gospel, I probably would have responded, ” I’m trying to.” I did a lot of trying. All the time, I was trying to be a good Christian. I wondered frequently if God was pleased with me. “Am I doing enough?”  or “I should have done that” or “I shouldn’t have done that.”  The result was feeling guilty, a lot.  Do you ever feel like that?

It took reading a couple books to help me grasp that I really wasn’t living in light of the gospel. I don’t have to worry about pleasing God, because of Jesus, God is already pleased with me. “So now there is no condemnation for those who belong to Christ Jesus.” (Romans 8:1 NLT)  I used to just skip over that verse because I knew it meant I had  eternal life. But God never condemns me now or in the future because he sees Jesus. I am free from guilt in his eyes. I never need to feel guilty.

I will feel conviction from the Holy Spirit, but that is different. The Holy Spirit points out my specific sin while still shedding God’s love in my heart. I can confess and repent. I don’t carry around guilt in huge bags on my back any longer. I can stand straighter without those heavy bags. And I am filled with gratitude.

I live with more freedom and joy now as a result. I hope that I can share more similar truths with you in my posts. Like everything else, it is a growing process to live in light of the gospel. I’m still learning so much and asking God for help in renewing my mind on the gospel itself and all the implications. We will explore those implications on this site together.

I invite you to make comments and share your experiences with me. I don’t want this just to be my thoughts but more of a dialogue. Share how you have been encouraged or what you still don’t understand. Share something I may have overlooked. Let’s make this journey together!

My goal is to post on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturdays. I will continue to improve the look of my website and functionality. I have a place where you can sign up to follow the blog and get notifications of new posts. I hope you enjoy and are enriched by God’s truth.



4 thoughts on “Welcome”

  1. Praise God for you Tammy! I don’t know how would have gotten through some of the most difficult times in my life without your encouragement which comes from Christ. Praying this blesses others. 🙂


  2. “But God never condemns me now or in the future because he sees Jesus.”

    I love this gospel truth. Lori Clounie said it like this, when God looks down at me it’s like he see a huge umbrella with the face of his beloved son, in whom he is well pleased, pictured on the umbrella. When I’m feeling ashamed, I remember this.

    “I will feel conviction from the Holy Spirit, but that is different. The Holy Spirit points out my specific sin while still shedding God’s love in my heart. I can confess and repent.”

    I hope you share more on this because I’m a little weak on how this actually happens.

    So proud of you for stepping out in obedience and love. Thanks Tammy!


    1. Kandie, I finally figured out my comments! LOL I didn’t see your whole comment, so I will try to remember to talk about the conviction versus guilt in one of my posts. Thanks for following!


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